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It appears that Content is Still King. Great tips on what you need to do to get higher rankings in Google.

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Pull up a chair, this is a big one.

This is, perhaps, the Google algorithm change with the biggest impact on both SEO writers and business owners alike.

Courtesy of a brand-new study by SEMrush, we now know what truly matters when it comes to ranking higher.

In order to compile this amazing report, the researchers at SEMrush analyzed data from 600,000 global keywords. The results came from a machine-learning algorithm that managed to determine the factors that influence positions in SERPs. The methodology is complex, but I won’t bore you with it – you can read about it in the study. We have more important stuff to dissect right now.

Let’s dive it…. Article by 

July 14, 2017

How Google’s New Algorithm Impacts Your Site

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