You Manifest What You Say You Want –
And You Manifest What You Say You Don’t Want

“There is one vital piece of information that has systematically been withheld from you, and it is this: you manifest what you say you want and you manifest what you say you don’t want. This means that when you express yourself in a negative fashion, you draw the exact opposite of what you desire to yourself. An example of this is evident when you say that you don’t want an accident or a sickness to occur. What most of you don’t understand is that by talking about anything – whether you want it or you don’t – you invoke it; you attract it into your experience.

You see people do this all the time. They’ll be talking about something they wouldn’t want to happen and, sure enough, it happens. What they weren’t aware of is that, in their thinking processes, they pictured it happening. Since their thoughts are always creating their future, they, in fact, brought it to life when they said they didn’t want it to happen.

Some thoughts are designed to play tricks on you, having you believe that you are keeping your undesired experiences at bay by voicing your resistance to them. Now, however, as you’re beginning to explore, more closely, how your thinking works, you can see that you are undermining or sabotaging yourself by all your negative talk; that you are the cause of your calamities by the fact that you talk about them.

The antidote to having calamities and accidents befall you is to speak only in the positive, to be even more vigilant of what you’re saying, and to stop yourself before you give voice to the negative. Then, you can replace the “I don’t wants” and all the talk of calamities by saying what you do want. If, for instance, you catch yourself saying, “I don’t want war” – which, as you have learned, will only conjure up more aggression and violence – instead, you can say, “I intend that I am living in peace.” As you phrase your words like this, you invoke only the positive…”
From The Intenders Handbook by Tony Burroughs